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Our Latest Facebook Articles We use our Facebook Page to promote Lifelong-Learning and the many benefits that come from that. We will give you and your family lots of interesting activities to explore. We will also share a range of … Continue reading

How to Meditate To Supercharge Your Learning and Your Life

I use Guided Meditations in bed to relax myself when I'm having trouble sleeping.

Meditating With Purpose Most people view meditation as either: a religious practice, a way to relax, a trip into a magical universe, or an attempt to stop your mind from thinking. I disagree with all of these views of meditation. … Continue reading

Teaching Kids To Meditate Supercharges Their Learning and Their Life

Even four year-olds benefit greatly from meditation.

Is your child . . . Positively interested in learning and the world – or a reluctant starter? Able to handle making mistakes – or good a diverting and escaping from challenging situations? Good at sticking to a task – … Continue reading

How to Fit Meditation Into A Busy Life

I use guided meditations to fit meditation into my busy life.

Is your life in balance physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and psychologically? Or do you feel like this? Always rushing and still not enough time to get everything done how you would like. Having trouble making time for health and fitness. … Continue reading

What Are the Benefits of Meditation

Meditation calmed my mind and improved my learning

Do any of these sound like you? I feel stressed a lot of the time and I don’t know what to do about it. I have trouble controlling my emotions. I have trouble focussing on one thing at a time … Continue reading

Common Misconceptions About Meditation

Google Search for Meditation Images

Don’t get put off by some of these common misconceptions about meditation: You are trying to turn your mind off during meditation. Meditation is difficult. Meditation takes too much time. Proper meditation only happens when you achieve spiritual enlightenment. Meditation … Continue reading

Why Meditate?

Regular meditation will transform your life.

The Reasons People Give For Not Meditating I wouldn’t be able to get my mind to be still. I would feel uncomfortable meditating in a class of strangers. I don’t know how to meditate on my own. I’m too busy … Continue reading

Meditation is A Gift to Your Self

Meditation is a gift to your Self.

When Was the Last Time You Gave a Gift to Yourself? What did you give yourself: a holiday? a cake? a dinner? a day off? When Was the Last Time You Gave a Gift to Your . . . SELF? … Continue reading

What is Meditation?

Benefits of Guided Meditation include clarity and calmness.

Meditation Is: . . . the technique of observing your thoughts and emotions as they pass through your mind. You generally try to do this while you are physically relaxed and in a place with few external distractions. As you … Continue reading

Introduction to Meditation

I feel stressed and overwhelmed. I need to learn to meditate.

Do you feel like any of these people? My mind is so busy I can’t get to sleep. Worry thoughts just keep going around and around in my head so I have trouble concentrating. My child can’t focus on their … Continue reading

A Practical Guide to Meditation Using Guided Meditations

A Practical Guide to Meditation using Guided Meditations by Chris Brooks

Have you experienced any of these things? Tried to meditate before but you didn’t experience the benefits they promised? Worried about listening to music that changes your brain rhythms? Your mind was so busy you couldn’t meditate in the right … Continue reading