Reading, Dyslexia and Brain Plasticity

Dyslexia before and after intervention

Brain imaging studies have found that the brains of people with dyslexia function differently to the brains of people who are good readers. For example, areas of the brain that deal with processing individual sounds are less developed in people … Continue reading

Tutoring to Help Your Child Overcome Maths Problems & Get Better Grades

Path to Higher Education

Maths Can Be the Easiest Subject in School. Learned the Wrong Way, Maths Will Eventually Become a Nightmare! Rote Learning Maths Vs Understanding Maths There are two basic approaches to teaching Maths: Getting students to repeat procedures over and over … Continue reading

Australian Students are Falling Further Behind in Maths and Science

Algebra Problems

Take a moment to look at the equations in the picture. Do they seem right? … BOTH THESE EQUATIONS ARE INCORRECT but most Australian High School students – even in Year 12 – would not notice because they are weak … Continue reading

How To Use Games to Educate Your Child

Games help learning

Games have an important role to play in many areas of education. In our Literacy and Maths Programs for example, we use a wide range of educational games to help our students learn various facts, rules and procedures. Games also … Continue reading

The Importance of Multiple Literacies

Fire and Water by Janette Humble

Most people still define literacy as ‘the ability to read and write’. In schools today, the term ‘literacy’ has a completely different meaning: ‘the ability to communicate effectively in any form’. Communicating effectively is not just being adept with basic … Continue reading

Learning 21st Century Skills

Managing Change Is the Primary Skill Needed for the 21st Century

When I was at High School in the 1960s half the girls learned typing so they could become typists and office workers when they left school. Computers put an end to that. (Now typing is hardly taught in schools even … Continue reading

Long-Term Planning Is Needed for Success at School and University

One of the most important tasks parents face is managing their child’s education through Pre-School, Primary School, High School, College and University. It is important because so much is at stake – the rest of your child’s life. Managing your … Continue reading

How to Decide What Course to Do at University

Whether you are still in High School, in a job, unemployed, or recently retired, University is now more accessible than ever before. A wide range of online University courses from top Universities from around the world are free – and … Continue reading

‘Meditation Completely Changed My Life’

Cool! Meditation on the Rocks

Learning New Things is Stressful By its very nature, education is stressful because education involves developing new thinking processes which ‘startle’ our unconscious minds, leading to a fight or flight physical response, which in turn prepares us more for running … Continue reading

Catering for Special Needs

Be careful with your language so you avoid unintended consequences A euphemism is a mild, indirect, or vague expression used in place of harsh, blunt or offensive one – such as: ‘I need to go to the bathroom’ may be … Continue reading