How to Meditate To Supercharge Your Learning and Your Life

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Meditating With Purpose

Most people view meditation as either:

  • a religious practice,
  • a way to relax,
  • a trip into a magical universe, or
  • an attempt to stop your mind from thinking.

I disagree with all of these views of meditation.

I view meditation as a purposeful act that develops your thinking skills, and enables you gain more control over your life so you can chose the person you want to be.

Meditation has helped me gain more control over my life.

Meditation has helped me gain more control over my life.

I teach a no-nonsense approach to meditation that is practical and keeps you in total control of what happens. It is not complicated, there are three steps in a full meditation of 20 minutes or more:

  1. So your mind is free to think deeply about things of your choice get into a state of positive relaxation where your body is relaxed and your emotions are relatively calm.
  2. Become aware of the internal workings of your mind by spending some time observing the activity in your mind.
  3. Contemplate issues in your life and make decisions about them by using your increased self-awareness to take more active control over your mind. Some of your decisions will be about researching and learning the new things you need to learn so you can reach your goals. Another very important topic of contemplation is working out a purpose for your life and making sure you live your life according to your purpose. A life lived with purpose provides you with the satisfaction you require for deep happiness, and it will motivate you through the difficult times.

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The Easy Way to Meditate – Use Guided Meditations

I have meditated, and taught meditation for many years – AND I have a very active life so I need my meditations to be super-efficient. Even after all these years of meditation, to make it easy to fit meditation into my lifestyle I use recordings of guided meditations. I just choose one that is the right length, and is a style of meditation that suits me at the time and I listen to it. It is much easier than trying to manage the meditation myself, or attending a class.

I tried many, many guided meditations that I bought through the internet, but I found that they all had limitations so after using them a few times they didn’t work for me any more.

Around the year 2000 I started making my own recordings and using those instead of the ones I bought. I also shared them with my students and got lots of positive feedback from them about how the guided meditations helped them improve their lives, their education, and their careers.

Since then I have made a whole set of various types of guided meditations to suit different situations in your life. Some are as short as a minute, others go for an hour or more. These guided meditations have been incorporated into a course on meditation that you can do over the internet.

I use Guided Meditations in bed to relax myself when I'm having trouble sleeping.

I use Guided Meditations in bed to relax myself when I’m having trouble sleeping.

There are no rules for meditation. Once you learn how to meditate, it is your mind and your meditation. You are free to choose how, and where, you want to focus your attention. Do what works for you on the day.

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