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A Broken System

If your child is not doing well at Mathematics it is because he/she is trying to learn in a broken system.

The Mathematics Education System is ‘Broken’

In technologically advanced nations like Australia, UK and USA you would expect that Mathematics education would be highly developed so that the vast majority of students would leave school with reasonable levels of Mathematics achievement.

Not so! – The standard of Mathematics achievement in Australian schools is actually dropping.

In 2008, a major government study by the US Government’s National Mathematics Advisory Panel considered the US results in Mathematics Achievement showed that their Mathematics education system ‘is broken and must be fixed’. The problems with Mathematics education must be even worse in Australia because Australian students rate lower than US students on international tests.

The 2007 TIMSS International Study of Achievement in School Mathematics found that Australian students at Year 8 level (average score 496) are below average (average of all countries was 500) in a group of 49 countries. Australia was behind the United States (av. 508) and the United Kingdom (av. 513), and these three countries and many others were way behind the leaders: Chinese Taipei (av. 598), South Korea (av. 597), Singapore (av. 593), Hong Kong (av. 572), and Japan (av. 570).

How to Fix Your Child’s Mathematics Problems Quickly and Easily

Year after year, all the students who get Mathematics tutoring here at High Performance Learning achieve outstanding results because our curriculum teaches HOW TO LEARN MATHS, as well as teaching the content.

High Performance Learning Mathematics Board Game: Descartes Darts

High Performance Learning Mathematics Board Game: Descartes Darts

Our carefully designed programs are unique because we teach our students key learning skills like these:
  1. The psychology of thinking and learning (including Game Theory),
  2. The use of concrete materials to develop abstract concepts,
  3. A heavy emphasis on learning the language of Mathematics,
  4. The use of in-depth reading, comprehension and understanding skills to build long-term memory,
  5. Careful setting out strategies
  6. The importance of mastering each level of Mathematics before moving on to the next one.

These features are part of our Maths Programs at every level from Year 1 to Year 12, and University level as well.

The First Step – Diagnosis

Learning Mathematics is a step-by-step process so we ensure that our students master each stage before progressing to the next stage. Before we begin a program with a new student we always assess his/her current level of Thinking, Learning, Communication and Maths Skills so we can start at the right place.

Just trying to teach the current schoolwork without fixing all the underlying problems is counter-productive – it will do more harm than good, especially on an emotional level. Many children, and adults, suffer chronic stress problems from their experiences trying to learn Maths unsuccessfully.

Abacus from High Performance Learning Mathematics Laboratory Kit

We Use Concrete Materials to Teach Mathematical Concepts

We provide our students with a Mathematics Laboratory Kit which uses a range of physical materials to use with our educational games and activities. This kit includes an abacus, tangrams, geometrical drawing kit, dice, counters and so on.

We Provide Packs of Maths Cards to Make Learning of Maths Concepts Easy
Card A3 - 50: Explain how to change a percentage into a decimal number

High Performance Learning Sample Maths Card from Pack 3

We break each major topic into small easy to manage steps and provide packs of cards to learn and revise the skills and content associated with each step. We provide packs of cards on most topics from Year 1 to Year 12.

Most of these cards contain technical information AND strategies on how to learn that information.

Our Mathematical Board Games

Our educational games are a fun way to practise and revise Maths facts and concepts at all levels.

High Performance Learning Mathematics Board Game: Integer Walk

High Performance Learning Mathematics Board Game: Integer Walk

We Teach Our Students How to Learn Effectively at School

A lot of Maths teachers focus most of their effort teaching content and tell their struggling students to work harder without telling them how to learn easier.

We teach content in a very systematic way AND we teach specific strategies to help our students:
  • Use class time more effectively,
  • Use homework to develop long-term memory skills,
  • Learn how to study,
  • Develop exam technique,
  • Set their work out better to make it easier to follow the logic.
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