What is Meditation?

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Meditation Is:

. . . the technique of observing your thoughts and emotions as they pass through your mind. You generally try to do this while you are physically relaxed and in a place with few external distractions.

As you observe the thoughts in your mind you are separating your Self from them. The goal is to keep this awareness throughout your daily life.

Meditation is:

  • not hard to do
  • not trying to stop your mind from thinking
  • not a magical way of fixing your life
  • not just positive thinking
  • not a brain rhythm
  • not sitting in a lotus pose
  • not escaping to a fantasy world


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Meditation is a Way to Develop Your Mental Power

Most people identify as their minds – their β€˜I’ and β€˜me’ is their mind. People who meditate develop higher levels of consciousness: they are aware of their thinking, while they are thinking, and are able to analyse the nature of their thoughts without being caught up in them all the time. These are very powerful skills . . and they are NOT HARD TO LEARN.

Benefits of Guided Meditation include clarity and calmness.

Benefits of Guided Meditation include clarity and calmness.

Some of the Benefits of Regular Meditation

  • Better concentration
  • Calmer emotions
  • Taking responsibility for your own emotions rather than blaming others
  • Problems will cause you less stress and you will see them as learning opportunities
  • Improved decision making skills
  • A quieter, more focussed mind
  • Better sleep
  • More physically relaxed
  • More control over the way you experience your life
  • And most importantly, a meaningful relationship with your Self.
Meditation is easy when you use Guided Meditations.

Meditation is easy when you use Guided Meditations.

Learn How to Meditate – The Easy Way

The easy way to meditate is to use recorded guided meditations. You can get access to 9+ hours of guided meditations in my online course.

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