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Looking for a dyslexia tutor that will help you improve your reading? We provide highly specialised tutoring (online or in our Adelaide office) that has been scientifically designed for dyslexics and people with learning problems.

Why Reading is Hard for a Lot of People?

Dyslexia and reading problems cause stress

Dyslexia and reading problems cause stress

Most people struggle with their reading because they were taught to use a method of reading that was not suitable for them. It is called the Whole Word Method which teaches people to remember the words as whole words, treating them like little pictures. The Whole Word Method only works if you have an exceptionally good visual memory, otherwise it is hard to accurately remember more than a few thousand words. Also, it is really easy to get confused with words that look similar, and to confuse letters that look similar like ‘b’ and ‘d’.

Another problem with this approach is that it is hard to work out how to read words you haven’t seen before – and it is a never ending task so that further education can be a nightmare because it contains a lot of unfamiliar words that are difficult to read.

Not being able to read well using the Whole Word Method is a common problem. However, it doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with you that can’t be fixed by just changing the method you use to read.

The Easy Way to Read

Synthetic phonics makes reading easy

Synthetic phonics makes reading easy

Good readers can read hundreds of thousands of words. Rather than remembering all these words by heart, you can learn to read them easily by learning the reading and spelling rules of the English Language. The good thing is that this is a finite task, once you know the 200 rules you can read anything easily, and you will no longer have to remember countless thousands of words by sight. This approach to reading is called Systematic and Synthetic Phonics.

Learning to Read Is as Easy as Learning to Drive a Car – When You Use Systematic and Synthetic Phonics

When you learn to drive a car you do not have to practise driving down every single street in the country to get your license – you just learn one set of rules that apply to all roads. Learning to read using Systematic and Synthetic Phonics uses the same principle – you just learn a set of rules so you can work out any word when you come to it – it’s that easy!

So if you can learn to drive a car, you can learn to read using Systematic and Synthetic Phonics.

A Common Myth is That the English Language is Hard to Learn Because it Doesn’t Follow Any Rules

You may have heard that the English Language does not follow any rules but that is just not true. Sure, some of the rules are a bit complicated, and there are some exceptions, but that is no different to most sets of rules.

With driving rules:

  • Some rules are simple: you must always wear a seat belt.
  • Other rules have exceptions: you must always drive on the left hand side of the road except when it is a one-way street, or when you are overtaking.
  • And some rules are complicated: like the give way rules.

It’s just the same with reading:

  • Some rules are simple: the letter ‘b’ spells the /b/ sound as in the word ‘bat’, or it can be silent as in the word ‘thumb’.
  • Some rules have exceptions: the letter ‘f’ usually spells the /f/ sound as in ‘fish’, but it spells the /v/ sound in just one common word – the word ‘of’.
  • Some rules are complicated: the group of letters ‘ch’ usually spells the /ch/ sound as in ‘chips’. However ‘ch’ can also spell /k/ as in ‘school’, and /sh/ as in ‘chef’.

It’s Never Too Late to Fix Dyslexia

You are never too old to learn the Systematic and Synthetic Phonics approach to reading. For that matter, you are never too young either – we teach 4 year olds to read this way right from the start – they don’t find it hard so you won’t either. We take you through a carefully planned, step by step program so you learn the rules a few at a time. Once you have mastered those rules you learn the next few rules, and so on until you have learned them all.

Once you know all the rules you can read anything easily – it is that simple.

The Best Time to Fix Dyslexia is NOW

Untreated dyslexia often leads to serious emotional and social difficulties which will make the problem worse and cause disruption to your whole family.

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