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Our Latest Facebook Articles

Our Latest Facebook Articles We use our Facebook Page to promote Lifelong-Learning and the many benefits that come from that. We will give you and your family lots of interesting activities to explore. We will also share a range of … Continue reading

‘Meditation Completely Changed My Life’

Cool! Meditation on the Rocks

Learning New Things is Stressful By its very nature, education is stressful because education involves developing new thinking processes which ‘startle’ our unconscious minds, leading to a fight or flight physical response, which in turn prepares us more for running … Continue reading

Catering for Special Needs

Be careful with your language so you avoid unintended consequences A euphemism is a mild, indirect, or vague expression used in place of harsh, blunt or offensive one – such as: ‘I need to go to the bathroom’ may be … Continue reading

Advanced Reading Skills: Is Autobiography Fiction?

All pieces of writing carry a message to the reader. In non-fiction works, such as textbooks, that message is overt, and usually stated in the title and chapter headings. In works of fiction, such as novels, the message from the … Continue reading

Using Fiction, Like ‘Catch-22’, to Help Us Think Deeply

“How are you?” “Busy.” So many people describe their lives like that . . . Do you? We live in a multi-tasking, 24/7, always connected, always available, world – we feel dragged this way and that by so many competing … Continue reading

Emotional Intelligence Skills Needed by Children at School and in Their Careers

Psychologist, science journalist and author Daniel Goleman popularised the term ‘Emotional Intelligence’ or ‘EQ’, arguing that emotional and social skills are just as important as intellectual skills. Other researchers had been talking about the importance of emotional skills right through … Continue reading

Meditation: Learn to Respond Rather Than React

When we have something happen in our life and we just react out of habit we are giving up our freedom because we are not making a conscious decision to act – we are acting in a conditioned way. stimulus … Continue reading

Early On-set of Puberty Often Due to Psychological Stress in Childhood

You probably feel stressed a lot of the time, I know I certainly do, but share a thought for the children – a lot of them are very stressed too – and this stress is causing their bodies to mature … Continue reading

Why Maths and Science Marks Drop in High School

Maths and Science Help Us Understand the World

MOST OF THE CHILDREN IN YOUR CHILD’S CLASS will only be studying maths at an Elementary Level when they reach Year 12. Research shows that by the time they reach Year 12, less than one third of Australian school students … Continue reading

“This is boring.” . . . “Bor-ring!!!”

Stop, so you can think, then decide, then act.

This has become a motto for a lot of our children in the 21st Century – for others it has become their war-cry! This attitude damages people’s ability to learn because they attempt to avoid any activities that are not … Continue reading

Basic Skills Test in Australia – 2012 Update – the Results are Disappointing

Australian school students now have their basic skill levels tested regularly – but what good does it do? Not much good for the students or the teachers it seems as I will show below. All this testing has not led … Continue reading