Preschool Tutoring

Preschool tutoring

Tutoring for Preschool children ensures success at school

Your child’s education starts on the day he/she is born. Research consistently shows that what is learned, and what is not learned, during the first few years of a child’s life has a major impact on his/her on-going success. We can help your child excel with our Preschool tutoring and early learning programs.

Teachers Expect You to Teach Your Child Many Skills BEFORE Starting Kindergarten

By the age of 5 your child will be expected to have mastered skills in areas such as:

  • good speech and listening skills
  • initial phonics and spelling skills
  • initial maths skills
  • concentration
  • coordination
  • physical skills such as dressing, gross motor skills such as running, jumping and catching, fine motor skills such as cutting and drawing
  • social skills such as cooperation and following instructions
  • emotional resilience and independence
Children Develop in Stages and Strands
The Stages and Strands of Child Development

The Stages and Strands of Child Development

As you can see in the diagram, your child will find it difficult to progress through the stages of development when previous stages have not been mastered. For example, a child who cannot read larger numbers accurately will have difficulty learning how to do addition and multiplication.

You will also notice that skills can be organised into various (vertical) strands corresponding to various mental, language, emotional and social areas of their lives. Development of skills in a particular strand often rely on skills in other strands, so weaknesses in one area can impact on progress in other areas.

A typical situation:
A child who is not concentrating well:
  • will not be able to relate effectively with peers and teachers,
  • so the child won’t be able to play a game being used to teach reading skills,
  • as a result the child will not progress with reading and language skills.
  • This will impact on most other areas and may cause serious emotional difficulties.
The Best Time to Prepare Your Child for School is NOW

Ensure your child has all the skills necessary to achieve success on the first day of Preschool. Contact us now on (08) 8370 0110 to discuss how we can help.