Help Your Child Overcome Social & Emotional Problems at School & Home

Do your child’s tantrums and poor behaviour make you feel like giving up? Don’t be daunted, we can help you.

  • We all have problems getting along with other people from time to time.
  • We all have problems dealing with our own emotions some of the time.
  • This is normal.

If your child is regularly having difficulty concentrating, dealing with other people, or dealing with his/her emotions, then you need to get to the bottom of the problem as soon as possible. Just putting more pressure on your child will not work unless any underlying problems are fixed first. In fact, more pressure will often lead to worse problems.

Treat the Cause of Social and Emotional Problems – Not the Symptom

There are three factors which impact on a person’s ability to deal with stress and change:

  • Sensitivity: Some people react more to stress on a physical level than others. This means that they release more adrenalin and other hormones than other people in the same situation. These sensitive people need to learn techniques and strategies to compensate for their sensitivity. There are a number of very simple things that a person can do which can make dramatic improvement in his/her ability to manage his/her emotional well-being. The alternative is to resort to drugs which often have very negative side effects.
  • Skill Levels: It is very stressful making mistakes or not being able to do something, especially when other people are watching. A person with poor listening, auditory processing, or reading skills will have the added problem of often not knowing what needs to be done. And a person with poor speech, spelling, or writing skills will have difficulty expressing themselves and getting what they know out of their heads. Obviously, without fixing the underlying problems the situation will get worse over time.
  • Mind Set: A surprising number of people self-sabotage themselves with their own negativity. This is often due to a fear of looking silly in front of other people when you make a mistake and may be due to being rushed to give quick answers, or being ridiculed in the past. This fear becomes a vicious cycle causing the person to rush and blurt out the first thing that comes to mind rather than taking the time to think carefully. Re-training your Mind Set can make a dramatic difference to your ability to learn and cope with stressful situations.
Most People Do Not Usually Learn From Their Mistakes

Most people try to cover up their mistakes because they are worried what other people might think so they are unable to learn from their mistakes.

Good Learners have a Growth Mind Set so they have an active policy of learning

from their mistakes by doing these things:

  • Good Learners always work out why they have made a mistake and find out what they need to learn so they don’t make that mistake again.
  • Good Learners always mark their work.
  • Good Learners redo all their errors.
  • Good Learners always ask their teachers when they don’t understand something.
  • Good Learners persevere until they are sure they know something.
  • Good Learners have strategies to find the things they don’t know – that way they know exactly what they need to work on.
The Best Time to Fix Social and Emotional Problems Is Now

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