Meditation is A Gift to Your Self

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When Was the Last Time You Gave a Gift to Yourself?

What did you give yourself:

  • a holiday?
  • a cake?
  • a dinner?
  • a day off?

When Was the Last Time You Gave a Gift to Your . . . SELF?

Do you even know what that means?

All of the gifts above are NOT gifts to your SELF, they are about having a break from your SELF!

In the end, your SELF is all you have – so look after it.

Watch this Video: Meditation is A Gift to Your Self

A Gift to Your SELF is a Gift That Improves the Quality of Your Inner Life

You only have one life so make sure you spend some positive time with your Self along the way. Meditation helps you build a relationship with your Self, so meditating is a way of honouring your own existence by developing who you are. The clearer you are about your own identity, the clearer and more comfortable you will be in your relationship with your Self, and your relationships with others.

Meditation is a gift to your Self.

Meditation is a gift to your Self.

Give Your SELF the Gift of Meditation

The first meditation course I ever did was definitely the best gift I have ever given my Self. So, I made a set of guided meditations for myself to make it easy to maintain and develop my meditation practice, no matter what is going on in my life – that was the second best gift I ever gave my Self.

I want to share this gift with so I have made these guided meditations available in an online course to teach you how to meditate in 6 to 8 weeks. You can do the course on your own or with your partner, or with your child. The tools you will gain will improve the quality of your life no matter how stressful an environment you live in.

Click the button below and try out four of the guided meditations before you consider enrolling in the course.

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