Practical Guided Meditations to Supercharge Your Learning and Your Life

Do you, or your child, or your partner have any of these issues?

  • Easily distracted and struggle with focus and concentration in learning situations.
  • Have trouble going to sleep, staying asleep, or getting out of bed in the morning.
  • Lack energy and commitment to follow through on decisions about your education, your career, or your life in general.
  • Know what to do but have difficulty getting started with study or work.
  • Worrying a lot and feeling scared or uncertain about the future.
  • Short tempered, or experience other emotions that feel out of your control.
  • Or do you have a mind that is busy a lot of the time, often having repetitive thoughts that you just can’t stop.

When any of these things are happening to you, your mind is out of your control.

Taking Control of Your Mind and Your Emotions

Our minds are complex and powerful things so it is not surprising that we find it difficult to manage our thoughts and emotions sometimes. We all have this problem from time to time – so don’t feel like there is something wrong with you.

Regular, purposeful meditation gives you the skill to watch what is going on in your mind. Only when you become aware that your mind is operating on ‘automatic pilot’, can you take steps to get your mind back under your control.

The easiest way to learn to meditate, and to fit regular meditation into a busy life, is to use recordings of Guided Meditations.

Watch this Video: Guided Meditations to Supercharge Your Learning and Your Life

My Approach to Meditation

Chris Brooks, Founder of High Performance Learning and Instructor in the Online Course:'Practical Guided Meditations to Supercharge Your Learning and Your Life'

Chris Brooks, Founder of High Performance Learning and Instructor in the Online Course:’Practical Guided Meditations to Supercharge Your Learning and Your Life’

I have been meditating most of my adult life – except for periods when I didn’t get around to it for weeks and sometimes months at a time. I found meditating on my own difficult – especially when I needed it most – when my mind was in turmoil.

Meditation classes didn’t work for me, for a start, they were never on at a convenient time or when I needed them.

Next I tried recordings of guided meditations. I tried over a hundred different guided meditation packages over the years, but found that I could only listen to most of them once or twice before getting bored or annoyed with them. Even the best ones only satisfied me for a month or two.

Everyone I spoke to had the same problem, so in the end I started making them for myself and sharing them with my students. Because of demand from a lot of my students, I decided to make a set of multi-purpose guided meditations that I would be keen to use myself.

The Set of Guided Meditations has these features:

  • Suitable for long term use so you can listen to them many times.
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced meditators.
  • Suitable for adults, teenagers, and young children.
  • You can choose the length of time you are going to meditate – from one minute to an hour.
  • You can choose a type of meditation that suits your current purpose or need: to relax, to get to sleep, to focus and concentrate, to develop your ability to control your mind, to lower your stress levels, to develop your learning and your life, to stop worrying, etc.
  • You can choose meditations to suit where you are, and what you are doing. You can meditate in a private place, in a group or family, in a busy place, while studying or doing homework, at work, when travelling, in bed, on a coffee break, before starting a new task, in a stressful situation, etc.
  • Most importantly, the meditations will help you feel better immediately so you are refreshed and re-energised, clearer, more focussed, and have taken more control of your mind.

My Online Course of Practical Guided Meditations to Supercharge Your Learning and Your Life

This online Course is a very practical guide to meditation that puts you in the driver’s seat so you are in total control of everything that happens. It is suitable for beginners and experienced meditators of all ages, including children.

Google Search for Meditation Images

Google Search for Meditation Images

My Course is not like most other meditation programs. If you search the internet for images of ‘meditation’ you will get a bunch of pictures like these. They have nothing to do with purposeful meditation. These images confuse people about the nature of meditation and scare them off from trying it.

  • My Course does NOT make you sit in a lotus pose. (Can you even do that?)
  • My Course does NOT require you to meditate on calm beaches, with a full moon and amazing sunsets.
  • My Course does NOT get you balancing rocks. (Can you do that?)
  • My Course does NOT make lights and rainbows come out of your body. (Did you ever see that happen to anyone?)
  • My Course does NOT use music to change your brain rhythms.
  • My Course does NOT use meditation to escape from your life so you can go into a magical universe. That is not what meditation is about.

My Course is self-paced so you can do the course at your own speed. To make good progress supercharging your learning and your life I recommend that you work through the course over the period of about 6 to 8 weeks.

You can choose to do the Course alone, with your partner, or with your child (as young as 4 years-old). I recommend you do it as a family project.

When you finish the Course, you and your immediate family can maintain your meditation practice for the rest of your lives by reusing the meditations over and over again – just pick the one that fits your needs at the time.

You will download and install all the guided meditations onto your phone or other device so you can listen to them whenever you want. Many of the meditations are totally open-ended so you can choose to use them in any way you want.

You will build up your meditation skills in six stages using a set of the more than twenty Guided meditations:

Unit A: Self-Awareness Meditations – Your Body and Your Mind

Unit B: Self-Awareness Meditations to Develop Your Observer Self

  • B1 One Minute Meditation (1 min)
  • B2 Three Minute Meditation (4 min)
  • B3 Five Minute Meditation (6 min)
  • B4 Meditation on Hearing and Listening (22 min)
  • B5 Meditation on Touching and Feeling (24 min)
  • B6 Meditation on Your Brain and Your Mind (39 min)

Unit C: Using Your Observer Self to Build Your Chosen Self

Unit D: Continue Using Your Observer Self to Build Your Chosen Self

  • D1 Deep Self Awareness Meditation (30 min)
  • D2 Focussed Attention Meditation (30 min)
  • D3 Open Monitoring Meditation (30 min)

Unit E: Using Your Observer Self to Build and Develop Your Chosen Self

  • E1 Deep Self Awareness Meditation (50 min)
  • E2 Focussed Attention Meditation (40 min)
  • E3 Open Monitoring Meditation (40 min)

Unit F: Special Purpose Guided Meditations to Supercharge Your Life

  • F1 Guided Meditation for Stress Relief (30 min)
  • F2 Guided Meditation for Self Development (50 min)
  • F3 Guided Meditation to Supercharge Your Education and Career (50 min)

Try Some of Our Guided Meditations Now

To make it easy for you to decide if my Guided Meditation Course is for you, I have provided four representative guided meditations for you to listen try. You could try the first two with your child but make sure you watch this video and then listen to them a few times yourself beforehand, so you can put them in context for your child.

Guided Meditation A1: Say Hello to Yourself (10 min plus introduction)

This guided meditation is from the first unit of my online course of Guided Meditations to Supercharge Your Learning and Your Life. The purpose of the first unit is to help you become more aware of your physical body. I originally wrote this meditation for parents to do with their children, four years-old and above. I was surprised to find that it had just as big an impact on the adults as it did on their children.

Guided Meditation A5: Meditation to Relax Your Body and Calm Your Mind (8 min plus introduction)

This great meditation is suitable for all ages. It will relax your body and calm your mind. It is so effective that many people do this guided meditation at least once a day. You can do it straight after school or work, before starting your homework or study, or in bed if you are having trouble sleeping.

Guided Meditation B2: Three Minute Meditation (4 min plus introduction)

Many people, including children, use the one, three and five minute meditations a number of times a day to refresh and revitalise themselves. Their meditation breaks are more important to them than their coffee breaks. These guided meditations are very convenient to use because you can choose the amount of time you want to meditate, and, using headphones, you can do them almost anywhere – if you keep your eyes open nobody will even know that you are meditating.

Guided Meditation C1: Guided Meditation for Beginners (33 min plus introduction)

This 33 minute introduction to meditation teaches you how to do two of the most commonly used types of meditation – focussed attention meditation, and open monitoring meditation. If you are new to meditation don’t worry if you find it difficult to stay focussed for the full half hour.

Meditation is a gift to your Self.

Meditation is a gift to your Self.

Join Our Self-paced Online Guided Meditation Course Now

  1. It’s Immediate:
    You’ll be able to access the course and all the Guided Meditations within minutes of purchasing.
  2. The Course:
    You will be taken step-by-step through the 6 Units in this very Practical Course. In the Course you will learn how to meditate using recordings of Guided Meditations. We recommend doing the Course with your partner and children – for no extra charge.
  3. Course Duration:
    You get full access to all the online course materials for 3 months. We recommend you try to complete the Course in 6 to 8 weeks. By the time you finish the Course you will be able to manage your own meditation practice using all the Guided Meditations from the Course.
  4. Course Guide:
    Download and print the Course book:‘A Practical Guide to Meditation To Supercharge Your Learning and Your Life’
  5. 24 Guided Meditations:
    Download all 24 of the Guided Meditations totalling 9+ hours so you can continue using these recordings to develop and manage your own meditation practice and those of your immediate family forever.
  6. Weekly emails from Chris Brooks to keep you on track and guide you through the Course.
  7. Ongoing access to our Facebook Meditation Group:
    Facebook Meditation Group: ‘Meditate to Calm Your Mind and Supercharge Your Life’. During and after the course you can ask questions, and share your experiences, with other meditators who are doing the Course. You will also get up-to-date information about meditation and other ways to continue supercharging your education, your career, and your life.

You and your whole family can feel Clear, Calm and Excited by Your Lives for just $97.

Powerful Change Is Just A Click Away

Leonie from Melbourne experiencing the benefits of Chris Brooks's Online Practical Guided Meditation Course

“I’m amazed at the changes I have seen in myself and the calmness I now feel most of the time.”

I have just completed this course over 60+days and have discovered so much about myself. I am definitely supercharged !! I have discovered many fears that have held me back from making positive changes to what I think, so I can change what I do. I’m amazed at the changes I have seen in myself and the calmness I now feel most of the time.


Regular meditation has helped me work through these. I’m a convert 😁 😀

When I compare this to 2-3 months ago I now have new skills to help me work through challenges I face everyday and find a better way of looking at things.

I encourage others to just get started and persevere. I am truly experiencing the benefits of nurturing myself and I know there is more to come.


Leonie, Melbourne