How to Fit Meditation Into A Busy Life

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Is your life in balance physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and psychologically?

Or do you feel like this?

  • Always rushing and still not enough time to get everything done how you would like.
  • Having trouble making time for health and fitness.
  • Feel cranky with yourself and others.
  • No time to work on your Self and your purpose in life.

A gift to your Self – put some YOU TIME into your day.

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The 21st Century Disease – Being Busy

‘How are you?’

. . . ‘Ohhh, just so busy.’

Sound familiar? Start noticing how often most people you know, and even you yourself, say how busy you are.

The words ‘too busy’ mean that you are in an emotional state of mind, and that you are feeling stressed because you are attempting to do too much at one time. If you feel too busy, your performance will suffer, so you will be less efficient and less effective.

Essentially, it is counter-productive to be too busy. And to make matters worse, your stress levels will increase over time which will make you even less effective!

Heal Your Life – Medicate Yourself and Your Family with Meditation

If your life is too busy then you need to save yourself time. Meditation will save you time and energy by improving your thinking ability and your ability to concentrate. You will become more relaxed and your emotions will be calmer.

Regular meditation will also lower your stress levels so you will need less sleep and have more time for your Self. The quality of sleep will be better too, because you will go to sleep quicker and you will sleep sounder. As a result, you will be more relaxed when you wake up.

If you are too busy, you just don’t have time not to meditate!

I use guided meditations to fit meditation into my busy life.

I use guided meditations to fit meditation into my busy life.

Guided Meditation – The Easy Way to Fit Meditation Into Your Life

I have produced a set of over twenty guided meditations designed to help busy people get their lives under their control. They are available in an online course I am running to teach meditation to adults and children so they can supercharge their education, their careers, and most importantly – their lives.

You will get to keep all the guided meditations from the course (totalling 9+ hours). The set of guided meditations I have produced have many advantages including:

  • Recorded meditations save you having to go to meditation classes.
  • By putting the guided meditations on your phone and using headphones, you can meditate just about anywhere.
  • By using meditations of the right length to suit the time available (I often use one and three minute guided meditations) it is not difficult to keep up your regular meditation practice.
  • By having a variety of meditations to choose from, you always have one that suits your needs on the day.
  • Having meditations that are suitable for both children and adults means you can meditate with your family.
  • Teaching your child to meditate before starting homework, or when they have trouble going to sleep or having nightmares, will help them learn how to manage their own stress levels – and lower your stress levels at the same time!
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