Common Misconceptions About Meditation

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Don’t get put off by some of these common misconceptions about meditation:

  1. You are trying to turn your mind off during meditation.
  2. Meditation is difficult.
  3. Meditation takes too much time.
  4. Proper meditation only happens when you achieve spiritual enlightenment.
  5. Meditation is a form of magic that will stop bad things from happening to you.

I will address each one of these common misconceptions about meditation in detail in the video.

Watch this Video: Common Misconceptions About Meditation

A Practical Approach to Meditation – to Supercharge Your Life

I have produced a 6 to 8 week online course that teaches a practical form of meditation. The Course uses recorded guided meditations to make it easy for you to learn how to meditate so that you feel in total control of the situation.

Chris Brooks, Founder of High Performance Learning and your Guided Meditation Instructor

Chris Brooks, Founder of High Performance Learning and your Guided Meditation Instructor

The Course teaches a specific type of meditation – meditation with purpose. I consider meditation is a form of mental and personal growth, and not just a method of managing your stress. The purpose of the course is to show you how to supercharge your education, your career, and your life – in the long term.

The guided meditations in the Course are also practical in the sense that they are easy to use:

  • When you finish the course you just keep using the guided meditations to continue developing your meditation practice, choosing the most appropriate one for the time.
  • Meditations range from 1 minute up to about an hour duration, so they are easy to fit into your day.
  • Put the recordings on your phone and use headphones to listen anywhere.
  • Many of the guided meditations are suitable for children, so teach your child to meditate too.
  • There are more than 20 guided meditations to choose from. In total there is 9+ hours of recordings.
Ad Practical Guided Meditation Online Course by Chris Brooks High Performance Learning

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