What Makes Us Different

Our Educational Approach

Our approach is to establish strong educational foundations in our clients and then teach them how to build on these foundations one step at a time. To help them become independent learners in the longer term, we teach both:

  • a mastery approach to learning which builds real confidence, and
  • a positive mental attitude so they are able to rise to the inevitable challenges they will encounter in their education and their lives in general.

We can show you how to put the past behind you and build your child’s confidence and success quicker than you ever thought possible.

We are experts at taking struggling students, who others may have given up on, and changing them into high-achieving students by fixing their thinking and learning problems.

We Groom the Leaders of Tomorrow

Our goal is to help parents groom their children into the leaders of tomorrow. When our clients first come to us they are often struggling with various aspects of their schoolwork and may even be emotionally and socially immature as a result. Our quality programs are adapted to each individual’s unique needs so we can quickly fix the root causes of their problems. We are then in a position to prepare them intellectually and emotionally to excel at school and beyond.

As our clients progress through the various stages of their individual programs they learn the key aspects of leadership:

  • Purpose
  • Commitment
  • Action
  • A Strategic Approach to Lifelong Learning
  • Continual Improvement
  • Perseverance
  • Resilience

Adelaide Tutors Provide Individual Online Tuition In Your Home

We provide tuition at our office in Adelaide and live over the internet anywhere in the world. Webcam, screensharing and interactive whiteboards make our online lessons as immediate and personalised as lessons in person in our office.