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FREE 15 Minute Consultation About Your Child’s Specific Needs

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This no-obligation discussion with either Chris Brooks (Principal) or Dr Amanda Abbott can be by phone or over the Internet in our online meeting room.

Who Should Apply for a Free Consultation

  • People who want to find out how our Specialist Educators can help their child solve their educational problems so they can become independent, high achieving students.
  • Parents who are concerned about the progress of their child’s education and want to be actively involved in doing something about it.
  • Parents who don’t want to give up on their child even though the teachers and other professionals have not been able to achieve meaningful progress.
  • Parents who are having difficulty getting their child to do homework in a cooperative manner and want to get to the bottom of the problem so their child can excel and be happy.
  • Adults who need help with their education or career.

Please Supply Us With Some Background Information

To help us understand your needs before we talk to you, please provide us with as much background information as possible. This information will be kept private and confidential.

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Details About the Person Needing Help

  • Personal Details

  • Nature of the Educational Problems

  • Assume that your child was succeeding at school and able to do anything that he/she chooses. (For adults seeking help for themselves, what are your goals?)
  • Are You Prepared To Be Actively Involved in a Program?

    Our programs are designed to turn our clients into independent, high-achieving students by fixing their educational problems. To be successful at training in the new skills, the activities and games we set you to do with your child usually need to be done on a daily basis. Do not be concerned if you have had difficulty working with your child in the past as we will show you how to work effectively with your child. The work we set is easy to do because our programs are arranged into simple steps and your child will enjoy playing the educational games.

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