Deanne Fraser and her three daughters did the High Performance Learning English Language and Learning Skills Program a few years ago. Deanne’s daughters are now avid readers and excel at school as a result.

Deanne joined the High Performance Learning Literature Club to develop her reading and writing skills. She has since embarked on writing a children’s book. Here is a poem she wrote at a Literature Club meeting which captures her changed perception of reading.

The Book

by By Deanne Fraser

Today I found some treasure
in a dark forgotten place
within my reach, but out of
in an old and tired case.

Today I found some treasure
it was hidden from my sight
I could only see its value
when I held it to the light.

Today I found some treasure
and it’s changed my point of view
before, a crazed consumer
always wanting something new.

Today I found some treasure
such a rare and priceless find
that the contents of this treasure
are now stored within my mind.

Deanne Fraser
March 2012

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One thought on “The Book by Deanne Fraser

  1. You really captured the contrast between modern consumer culture and the slow approach to life (as in the slow cooking and slow reading movements) where people take the time to appreciate the quality parts of their lives instead of always being in a mad rush to keep up with the latest.

    When I read a book a second time I always find treasure that I didn’t find the first time through – or treasure I forgot I had been given.

    In the two weeks since reading your poem your oft-repeated line of ‘Today I found some treasure’ prompted me to read two books I had read before and I enjoyed the experience immensely.

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