Alexandra Kelly

Alexandra Kelly and her three children have all used the services of High Performance Learning. Now her children are all grown up, she has developed a keen interest in writing. She has published a book of poetry entitled Landscape of the Missing .

Alexandra joined the High Performance Learning Literature Club to develop and share her reading and writing skills. Below is a poem she wrote at a Literature Club meeting which captures the energy of some local school boys on their morning jog.

At the time of writing, Alexandra is working on a book of historical fiction. It is about the ship called the Coromandel which sailed between England and Adelaide in the mid-1800s.

St. John’s Joggers

by Alexandra Kelly


Beautiful spring sun

Like journeying bees

In dark blue, yellow

Dark blue, yellow


Across the railway bridge;

Jogging boys.

Young, lithe

Glow in the morning

Puzzling sunlight.

A troupe of buzzing


A-running, a-buzz.

Full of young life!

Alexandra Kelly
March 2012

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2 thoughts on “St. John’s Joggers by Alexandra Kelly

  1. Mornings are the best time to run. No, I say any time is a good time to run. This poem reminds me of the strong feeling of running in a pack; invincible, pacing together, covering vast amounts of terrain and going distances you wouldn’t if you were alone.

  2. Your poem really captured the energy and enthusiasm of these blue and yellow striped bee-boys and how their collective energy rubbed off on you – in a sense, fertilising your flower.

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