Alexandra Kelly

Here at High Performance Learning we run a monthly Literary Club for clients and friends where we discuss novels, plays, poetry and all sorts of other writing. We also do writing workshops and discuss literary techniques and interesting words.

Alexandra Kelly shared these two poems at our July 2012 meeting – the first on the carnage in Syria, and the second on a memory of the Mitcham Library. Alex is a published poet and author so we are lucky to have her in our group.

Listen to Alex introduce and read her poem ‘Shrouds/Syria/Sheets’.


by Alexandra Kelly

Bundles of sheets
Used for shrouds,
Some white
And others,
Garish, childish, cartoons.
Like the individuality
Expressed in décor.
No longer dreaming:
The shrouded lay dead.
What are they doing
Over there in Syria?
These children should be
Tucked in bed,
In the soft, lovingly washed sheets.
Instead, dead
In sheets
Which are shrouds
in Syria.

Alexandra Kelly
July 2012


The Library at Night

by Alexandra Kelly

Lit up
An icon,
To me at least.
The shelves of books
Row upon row,
Invites me
At night, at least this night
It’s open,
Come in.
Come feel the stacks of books
And breathe the papery smell
Of knowledge,
Remembering, I was about eight
When this one opened,
Bringing a new focus to the area.
No more long trips to the city,
But here,
Before we rise up to the hills.
The library beckons,
Like most seductions,
The words on the pages
In the books
Do the speaking,
Promising orgasms
Of discovery.

Alexandra Kelly
July 2012

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