Nature’s Gift by Chris Wolverson

Chris Wolverson went through the High Performance Learning English Language and Learning Skills Program with her two sons so she could improve her reading and writing skills. Since then they have all been working on developing their maths skills.

Chris joined the High Performance Literary Club to take her language skills to a new level. The poem below is the first poem she has ever written in her life. It is written in a pastoral style celebrating her love of the natural environment. Chris is active in wildlife rescue as well as a keen camper.

Nature’s Gift

by Chris Wolverson

At Easter time we holiday at Lameroo.

In the Sunset National Park we usually see a kangaroo or two.

We all take our swags and sleep under the stars.

This place is only for four wheel drive cars.

During the day we drive over the Mallee stumps and hope no one gets a flat tyre.

Then it’s time to eat so everyone cooks their meals over the open fire.

At night the bonfire is lit.

After dinner this is the place we sit.

The wildlife is abundant with emus, lizards, parrots and after rain even frogs.

First thing in the morning if you gaze across the paddock you may even see a pack of wild dogs.

Take a stroll through the scrub, you may stumble over a sheep’s bone.

Then the weekend is over and its time to travel home.

Chris Wolverson
February 2012

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One thought on “Nature’s Gift by Chris Wolverson

  1. Your poem created pictures in my mind that were as easy to visualise as the two pictures you provided.

    The way you wrote in clearly separated sentences made the experience for me like watching a series of scenes in a movie.

    I’d sure like to come with you to Lameroo to experience nature’s gift – I don’t have my own 4 wheel drive.

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