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Being a Good Parent is a Tough Job

Even though you get little or no training on how to be a good parent, being a parent means that you need to become an expert in many different fields as your child grows up – and none more important to manage than your child’s schooling and homework.

It’s hard to know what to do and where to go if:

  • the things you try at home don’t seem to work, and/or
  • getting extra help at school or outside hasn’t worked either.

Get Better Grades… Our Individual Tuition and Online Tutoring Help With Reading, Maths, Homework, Study Skills & More

We can show you how to put the past behind you and build your child’s confidence and success quicker than you ever thought possible.

  • High Performance Learning is committed to helping you successfully manage the ups and downs of your child’s education right through from Pre-School to University.
  • We are experts at turning under-achieving students into high-achieving students by fixing their thinking and learning problems.

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Recent Articles

The Importance of Multiple Literacies

Fire and Water by Janette Humble

Fire and Water by Janette Humble

Basic Literacy Skills are not Enough for the Future.

As technology develops and displaces many people from their jobs, those people who do not have both basic and advanced literacy skills will find it harder and harder to get work. Not only that, they will find it difficult to retrain for jobs requiring multiple literacies.

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Learning 21st Century Skills

Managing Change Is the Primary Skill Needed for the 21st Century

Managing Change Is the Primary Skill Needed for the 21st Century

As change happens faster and faster, people working in virtually every profession are being forced to retrain on a regular basis. The problem is that human beings find change intellectually difficult, and, emotionally stressful.

The trouble is, if you put your head in the sand then you are likely to get run over.

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Long-Term Planning Is Needed for Success at School and University

If you don’t have a target you can’t hit it

If you don’t have a target you can’t hit it

One of the most important tasks parents face is managing their child’s education through Pre-School, Primary School, High School, College and University.

You only get one chance so don’t blow it. That’s why it is so important to …
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How to Decide What Course to Do at University

MOOCs - Massive Open Online Courses

MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses

Before you decide to do a full degree at a University that charges fees, I strongly recommend that you try a subject or two at a free online University. Not only will you get training in your subject area of interest, more importantly, you will get the feel and real experience of the commitment, self-discipline, reading skills, and organisational skills needed to perform well at University.

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‘Meditation Completely Changed My Life’

Cool! Meditation on the Rocks

Cool! Meditation on the Rocks

I have written before about how meditation has helped many of our students (even quite young ones) learn how to manage their stress levels, and thus learn more effectively. So, I thought you would find it informative to hear the experiences Rob Green has had since he started mediating – so I asked Rob to write about his experiences. Rob is one of our clients who, as an adult, has overcome the learning problems that had been holding him back throughout his childhood and early adulthood. When he first started working with us he was in a very stressed state and was drinking heavily. He has now finished his university degree and stopped drinking completely – just a few of the benefits he has had from meditating for about an hour a day.

Two years after beginning meditation you wouldn’t recognise Rob from before – the transformation has been dramatic. I was very pleased when he agreed to my request to share his thoughts with you. Click on the link below to read what he had to say.

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Catering for Special Needs

Alana wants Braille on toilet doors

Alana wants Braille on toilet doors

The words we use determine how we think about ourselves and others

There is a big difference between ‘a disabled person’ and ‘a person with disabilities’. Having a disability does not make you a disabled person:

Your personal identity is separate from any physical, mental, emotional, or even moral challenges you may have.

After all, everybody has disabilities of some form or other, it is arrogant to act as if you don’t. But notice, that YOU don’t identify as YOUR disabilities do you? Neither do most other people, even if their disabilities are more obvious than yours.

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