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Help Your Child Succeed at School and Beyond with Expert Individual Tuition

Managing your child’s education is one of most challenging aspects of being a parent. With our programs you can be actively involved in your child’s education in a constructive and enjoyable way – and build positive family relationships at the same time.

Our highly experienced tutors, Adelaide based, provide individual tuition at our office – we also provide online tutoring for individual students around the world using our special online learning classrooms. Before planning a program to overcome educational and learning difficulties we provide a full Diagnostic Educational Assessment of the student’s thinking, learning, speech, listening, reading, spelling, writing, maths problems and study skills – this enables us to target the real causes of learning problems.

We get the basics sorted out first, then we help your child with advanced skills so he/she can get to the top of the class. Basic English tutoring (in Adelaide and online) is often the starting point in our programs because weak language skills will impact on most other areas of schoolwork, and on life in general. Even for serious English problems such as auditory processing disorder and dyslexia, testing we do determines the underlying causes that need to be addressed. Our remedial English language programs include tuition in high-speed synthetic phonics using our award-winning multimedia text for learning the rules of English – research shows that this is the most effective form of phonics training and is best learned before higher level language skills are taught.

Get Better Grades… Our expert individual tuition and online tutoring will help your child overcome his/her learning problems at all levels of education:

  • English tutoring for problems with reading, spelling, comprehension, dyslexia, auditory processing disorder, synthetic phonics, speech and handwriting.
  • Maths tutoring to overcome Maths problems at all levels – Preschool, Primary, High School and University.
  • Study Skills in Science subjects such as Maths, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • Study Skills in Arts subjects such as English, History, Geography and Law.
  • Study Skills in Business subjects such as Accounting, Economics, and Finance.

By accessing online tutoring, struggling students of all ages can now get the individual remedial help they need to overcome their learning difficulties no matter where they live.

Online learning has many advantages:

  • Web video and sound makes learning and interaction personal.
  • Shared screens are great for interaction and learning better study skills.
  • Travelling time and costs are eliminated so you can spend your time more productively.
  • Get personalised help in your own home from the best English Tutors and Maths Tutors available.

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Our Individual Tutoring and Coaching Services

Our expert teachers provide live individual tuition to people all round the world using our online meeting rooms. To find out how we can support you or your child directly, go to our Tutoring and Coaching Services page, or use the Menu at the top of this page to find out about our services in specific areas such as:

We teach people at all levels of their education how to overcome their difficulties and excel at their education:

FREE 15 minute Consultation on Your Child’s Specific Needs

Send us some details about your child’s situation. If we think we can help you we will arrange a FREE 15 minute consultation with you in our online meeting room or by phone. This service is subject to availability – only a limited number of free consultations can be provided each month. Click here to apply for a FREE 15 minute consultation.

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