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Being a Good Parent is a Tough Job

Even though you get little or no training on how to be a good parent, being a parent means that you need to become an expert in many different fields as your child grows up – and none more important to manage than your child’s schooling and homework.

It’s hard to know what to do and where to go if:

  • the things you try at home don’t seem to work, and/or
  • getting extra help at school or outside hasn’t worked either.

Get Better Grades… Our Tutoring and Coaching Services Help With Reading, Maths, Homework, Study Skills & More

We can show you how to put the past behind you and build your child’s confidence and success quicker than you ever thought possible.

  • High Performance Learning is committed to helping you successfully manage the ups and downs of your child’s education right through from Pre-School to University.
  • We are experts at turning under-achieving students into high-achieving students by fixing their thinking and learning problems.

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Recent Articles

Long-Term Planning Is Needed for Success at School and University

If you don’t have a target you can’t hit it

If you don’t have a target you can’t hit it

One of the most important tasks parents face is managing their child’s education through Pre-School, Primary School, High School, College and University.

You only get one chance so don’t blow it. That’s why it is so important to …
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How to Decide What Course to Do at University

MOOCs - Massive Open Online Courses

MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses

Before you decide to do a full degree at a University that charges fees, I strongly recommend that you try a subject or two at a free online University. Not only will you get training in your subject area of interest, more importantly, you will get the feel and real experience of the commitment, self-discipline, reading skills, and organisational skills needed to perform well at University.

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‘Meditation Completely Changed My Life’

Cool! Meditation on the Rocks

Cool! Meditation on the Rocks

I have written before about how meditation has helped many of our students (even quite young ones) learn how to manage their stress levels, and thus learn more effectively. So, I thought you would find it informative to hear the experiences Rob Green has had since he started mediating – so I asked Rob to write about his experiences. Rob is one of our clients who, as an adult, has overcome the learning problems that had been holding him back throughout his childhood and early adulthood. When he first started working with us he was in a very stressed state and was drinking heavily. He has now finished his university degree and stopped drinking completely – just a few of the benefits he has had from meditating for about an hour a day.

Two years after beginning meditation you wouldn’t recognise Rob from before – the transformation has been dramatic. I was very pleased when he agreed to my request to share his thoughts with you. Click on the link below to read what he had to say.

Click here to read more on ‘Meditation Completely Changed My Life’

Catering for Special Needs

Alana wants Braille on toilet doors

Alana wants Braille on toilet doors

The words we use determine how we think about ourselves and others

There is a big difference between ‘a disabled person’ and ‘a person with disabilities’. Having a disability does not make you a disabled person:

Your personal identity is separate from any physical, mental, emotional, or even moral challenges you may have.

After all, everybody has disabilities of some form or other, it is arrogant to act as if you don’t. But notice, that YOU don’t identify as YOUR disabilities do you? Neither do most other people, even if their disabilities are more obvious than yours.

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Advanced Reading Skills: Is Autobiography Fiction?

Is your memory real?

Is your memory real?

All pieces of writing carry a message to the reader.

Once we learn basic reading and comprehension skills it is important to learn how – and why – to read fiction.

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Using Fiction, Like ‘Catch-22’, to Help Us Think Deeply

Research the Fiction that You Read

Research the Fiction that You Read

We can learn a lot from the past by studying History, but we don’t get a personal perspective on life by reading History textbooks! To be able to learn from the past we need to supplement our non-fiction reading with fiction such as novels, plays and poetry – otherwise we are destined to repeat the mistakes of the past.

As an example of how reading fiction can help us understand our own times, here are some of the issues raised by Joseph Heller in his novel, ‘Catch-22’, which have relevance to our lives today:

  • Theme 1: The Experience of War
  • Theme 2: Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Theme 3: Surveillance
  • Theme 4: Whistleblowing
  • Theme 5: The Power of Language and the Language of Power

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Emotional Intelligence Skills Needed by Children at School and Their Careers

Mindfulness Makes You Smarter

Mindfulness Makes You Smarter

In schools and businesses, less emphasis is now placed on intellectual skills, not because intellectual skills are not important for success, but because good emotional and social skills make a person better able to manage their own and others’ emotions better – necessary skills in our high stress, connected workplaces.

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Meditation: Learn to Respond Rather Than React

Don't Just React

Don’t Just React

When we have something happen in our life and we just react out of habit we are giving up our freedom because we are not making a conscious decision to act – we are acting in a conditioned way.

With self-awareness training we can become aware of these automatic reactions that rule our lives and learn to put conscious effort into deciding for ourselves before we act.

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Early On-set of Puberty Often Due to Psychological Stress in Childhood

Children Get Stressed Too

Children Get Stressed Too

You probably feel stressed a lot of the time, I know I certainly do, but share a thought for the children – a lot of them are very stressed too – and this stress is causing their bodies to mature sexually at an earlier age than would be expected.

Click here to read more on ‘Early On-set of Puberty Often Due to Psychological Stress in Childhood’

Why Maths and Science Marks Drop in High School

Maths and Science Help Us Understand the World

Maths and Science Help Us Understand the World

MOST OF THE CHILDREN IN YOUR CHILD’S CLASS will only be studying maths at an Elementary Level when they reach Year 12.

Research shows that by the time they reach Year 12, less than one third of Australian school students study Maths at Intermediate or Advanced levels – and the numbers have been getting worse each year.

Let me explain why so many children who do well in Maths and Science subjects in Primary School and Junior High School cannot keep up by the time they reach Grade 10 or Grade 11 …

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“This is boring.” . . . “Bor-ring!!!”

Stop, so you can think, then decide, then act.
This has become a motto for a lot of our children in the 21st Century – for others it has become their war-cry!

This attitude damages people’s ability to learn because they attempt to avoid any activities that are not perceived as fun – living a life only responding to immediate gratification will mean they will have a very boring life in the long term.

Click here to read more on ‘ “This is boring.” . . . “Bor-ring!!!” ’ and discover the real reason children say “Bor-ring!!”

Basic Skills Testing in Australia – 2012 Update – the Results are Disappointing

Basic Skills or Alphabet Soup?

Australian school students now have their basic skill levels tested regularly – but what good does it do?

Not much good for the students or the teachers it seems as I will show below. All this testing has not lead to any substantial improvements in teaching or learning – the only consolation is that at least we know that on average, things are not improving despite policies that have not worked such as halving class sizes in recent decades, and giving a computer to every child.

What large scale testing is being done?

Click here to read more on ‘Basic Skills Testing in Australia – 2012 Update – the Results are Disappointing ’.

Meditate With Ease – Free Guided Meditation Audio

Look After Your Mind

Look After Your Mind

When I suggest to a person that meditating is a simple and enjoyable way to improve learning skills, and to promote a sense of well-being, I often get this response:

‘I’ve tried meditation and it didn’t work – my mind is just too active – I just can’t stop my thinking.’

Such comments reflect a popular misconception about meditation. Learn what meditation is really about and enjoy its wide range of health and well-being benefits.

Click here to read more on ‘Meditate With Ease – Free Guided Meditation Audio’.

Active Parenting Pays Dividends for the Whole Family

Active Parenting Pays Dividends

Active Parenting Pays Dividends

Spending active time with family and friends is not only enjoyable while we are doing it, we also get a sense of satisfaction that lasts – the experience lasts in our memories so we can savour it in the future.

There is a double whammy if the activities are educational in the sense that they give us skills and knowledge which we can use for the rest of our lives.

Click here to read more on ‘Active Parenting Pays Dividends for the Whole Family’.

How to Get Smarter Every Day

The Tools You Need to Get Smarter

Matthew Syed is the author of a new book ‘Bounce – The myth of talent and the power of practice’.

Matthew’s main point is that people with a Fixed Mindset have a fixed intelligence because they give up easily, whereas, people with a Growth Mindset get smarter every day – because they keep on learning.

Find out how you can develop and maintain a Growth Mindset, Positive Mental Attitude and the Skills you need to succeed.

Click here to read more on ‘How to Get Smarter Every Day’.

Reading Between the Lines

I just want the facts

A lot of people don’t read novels, or go to see plays because they ‘just want the facts’ – they say they don’t have time for made-up stories.

Other people just see literature as something to be consumed for entertainment.

These attitudes to literature result from the fact that many people have not been taught the advanced comprehension skill of reading between the lines.

Click here to read more on ‘Reading Between the Lines’.

The Importance of Reading Fiction and Studying English Literature

Novels Stir the Emotions

Fiction is Not Safe – That is Why We Need It!

Fahrenheit 451 is a great example of why it is so important to read fiction – fiction is a great vehicle that helps us question our lives by immersing us in someone else’s life so we can view their life – and our life – from an external perspective – rather than just being caught up in all the day to day tasks that keep our minds focussed on ourselves rather than the bigger picture.

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Research on the Internet Using Google Advanced Search


I don’t know about you but this scares the pants off me:

Google and some of the other search engines know so much about you when you search the internet that they tailor the results so they give you what they think you might want based on everything that they know about you including:

  • what you have searched for in the past,
  • what websites you have visited recently,
  • where you live,
  • even things like your gender and your age.

So how can you get WHAT YOU WANT rather than what the search engine wants to give you?

Click here to read more on ‘Research on the Internet Using Google Advanced Search’.

Making Sure Your Computer Files Are Safe

Keep Your Computer Data Secure

The Case of the Missing Essay I was working with a Grade 11 student the other day who wanted help with an English essay he was writing on his laptop. When he turned his computer on he couldn’t find the essay. I asked him where he had saved it – he said he couldn’t remember – he just saved it where the computer suggested.

We spent a few minutes trying to find where he put it but it wasn’t in any of the likely places. He was about to give up and …

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Tutoring to Help Your Child Overcome Maths Problems & Get Better Grades

Path to Higher Education

A Broken System

Maths is the Easiest Subject to Learn – Provided Your Child Learns it the Right Way.Learned the Wrong Way, Maths Will Eventually Become a Nightmare with Poor Maths Skills Severely Limiting Your Child’s Career Choice!

Click here to read more on ‘Tutoring to Help Your Child Overcome Maths Problems & Get Better Grades’.

Government Guidelines for Teaching Systematic Synthetic Phonics

Govt GuidelinesBecause of generally poor levels of literacy among school students despite many years at school, governments of all the major English-speaking countries (including USA, UK, Canada and Australia) have recently conducted major studies into the best ways of teaching basic reading skills.

ALL THESE STUDIES CONCLUDED THE SAME THING: The best way to teach basic reading skills is to teach the spelling rules for each of the 44 sounds in English – this is called Phonics.

Click here to read more on ‘Government Guidelines for Teaching Systematic Synthetic Phonics’.

Blowing bubbles father and baby

Make parenting a win-win situation for you and your child.

How to Get Your Child Ready to Start School

Many parents, especially with their first child, are reluctant to start educating their child until their child starts school. This is because they do not feel they have the expertise or are scared that what they do may conflict with what is taught at school.

Little do they realise that the school is relying on the parents to have taught their child quite a number of skills before sending their child to school.

Click here to read more on ‘How to Get Your Child Ready to Start School’.

Improving Handwriting

Since most schools moved away from teaching proper cursive writing in favour of print or a semi- linked script style, there has been less emphasis on teaching handwriting technique. Consequently, many children hold their pens in an awkward manner, which in turn forces them to use a technique called ‘finger-writing’ which is slower and more difficult to do than traditional ‘hand-writing’.

If your child is left-handed you need to be especially vigilant because left-handed children are not always taught the special techniques needed to compensate for the fact that they must push the pencil rather than pull it (like a right-handed person).

Click here to read more on ‘Improving Handwriting’.

basic phonic rules

Phonic Memory Aids

What Is Phonics?

The word ‘phonics’ comes from the ancient Greek word for ‘sound’. Since the Greeks were the first culture to develop an alphabet to represent the sounds in their language, it is fitting that in English we use the word ‘phonics’ to mean the teaching of the letter-sound rules for reading, and the sound- letter rules for spelling.

Why is English such an irregular language?

Actually, English is much more regular than most people think, it is just that there is a relatively large number of rules to learn (about 200) as a result of the history of English spelling. In short, English is not irregular, it is just that the rules for reading and spelling are complicated – this makes it even more important that we teach our children Phonics well.

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